Henkel – Ask Team Clean

The Laundry & Homecare division of Henkel wanted to establish a direct relationship with all of its customers around the world. But how do you achieve a direct relationship with your customer when all of your products are sold via intermediaries?

Millions of people 
search online for answers to their household questions.

Big Idea:
Meet Team Clean. The faces of Ask Team Clean. Friendly, approachable, hard working. They have got solutions for al your questions and will do their best to help you out in whatever situation you are in.

We created a platform where you can ask all question related to the household. The platform is filled with content and digital services focused on household-related topics. From articles and videos that tell you how to remove that red wine stain, to a handy tool that scans laundry labels. 

The content ultimately leads to registrations and plays a central role in Henkel’s customer service.

Instagram is the place where they can get inspired and motivated to make their house a clean and happy home. We believe, that you can achieve this by having a clean and organized household.

TikTok users want it real, authentic and entertaining.Therefore, we brought our animated Ask Team to life for the very first time. Real people who are not only absolute experts in household chores, but also well known for spreading fun and are full of surprises while doing this. Based on cleaning trends popular on the platform we created three formats.

Format 1: Cleaning hacks
Social media has revolutionised the way we do cleaning. The ‘cleaning hacks’ niche is becoming the most popular segment of the online cleaning community, with people sharing shortcuts to difficult cleaning jobs. In this series, we take Henkel’s knowledge and turn it into cleaning hacks.


Format 2: Stains 101

Ugh, strains. They’re the worst, right? It’s happened to all of us at one point or another. Stains cannot be prevented unfortunately. That is why we give the target group a helping hand. In this series, we teach everything you need to know about removing stains.



Antwoorden aan @elisaweij3 Oh no, mustard on your new shirt?🌭These 4 steps will help you get rid of it #mustard #staingun #stainremoval #askteamclean

♬ Toxic – Britney Spears

Format 3: Snap to clean

Instant gratification is baked into the TikTok mechanism. We used that insight to create a series that taps into OCD and neat freak minds alike. Easy to recreate leading to exposure for both users as the brand. In this series, we play on the satisfying feeling of a tidy space.



Tidy up our bathroom with us 😍 #snapclean #cleanwithme #askteamclean #snaptoclean #cleantok #startfresh2022

♬ Please Don’t Go(Snap Your Life) – Joel Adams


The Ask Team Clean program offers Henkel the opportunity to build and maintain a relationship with an audience. The platform launched in 2020 with 2.000.000 unique visitors in the first year. Today it’s live in 12 countries around the world. Where it has already established relationships with hundreds of thousands of prospective customers.